PRISM Collaboration Toolkit


What is the PRISM Box Set?

Everything you need to participate in or run a PRISM session is in the box set. 24 cards beautifully designed, laminated and bound with a ring. They contain the 8 protocols, key questions, core values and ‘how to guide’. The cards are palm size, easy to hold, carry and store. They are manufactured for a long and productive life. No battery required!

What are the online tutorials?

Tutorials can be accessed on your mobile phone, tablet or computer. There is a tutorial to get your up and running quickly, and more in depth tutorials focused on each of the 8 protocols. They contain instructional videos, interactive exercises and activities.

What is the learning hub?

The Learning Hub is an online learning space run by Wheelhouse Education and Learning Limited, the publisher of the PRISM Collaboration Toolkit™. There is an area of the Learning Hub for the exclusive use of PRISM users.

What are some of the applications of PRISM?

Being an incredibly adaptable tool, PRISM has many uses, for example:

  • Used at the start of regular team meetings.
  • Brainstorming within teams and other groups.
  • Aiding professionals in finding new ways to manage complexities.
  • Peer supervision/mentoring groups.
  • Resolve conflict.
  • Improve collaboration across silos.
  • Helping teams find solutions to wicked problems.
  • Create a positive change in mindset.
  • Foster a happy, healthy and productive work environment.
  • Giving leaders and managers flexibility and support.
  • Providing invaluable feedback and feedforward in a very constructive way.

Who can participate in PRISM?

Most, if not all people! For example, work teams, peers across the same tier, and cross-functional and interdisciplinary groups at any level within an organization, community, or institution. The flexibility within PRISM groups allows individuals to work together by aiding one another with taking on challenges, and solution finding. Individuals can also take themselves through a self-reflective process on their own using the toolkit.

Where are PRISM sessions held?

PRISM sessions can be held almost anywhere. Most commonly they take place around a table, in a circle of chairs or online at your desk or on your mobile phone.

What are the 8 PRISM Protocols?

Each protocol comprises a unique, tried and tested process that is followed by the group to reach an answer or solution to an issue. Each protocol has a different application and its use is determined by the nature of the issue to be addressed.

How many people can participate in a PRISM session?

A PRISM session can be conducted with two or more people. The more people involved in a PRISM discussion, the more time should be allocated. It is recommended that groups larger than 10 separate into smaller groups. A good working size for a PRISM group is between 3 and 8 people per group.

How often should PRISM sessions be held?

This is the decision of individuals or groups, and dependent on the level of support required. On average, a process takes 10-30 minutes per issue. However, this fluctuates depending on the simplicity or complexity of the issues, the process selected and the group numbers. One hour per month will provide a productive and effective session for all participants. Approximately two Peer issues could be raised and supported during this time. All participants gain through contributing, listening and helping. Therefore, it is not always necessary to address all group member issues. Some teams include a half hour PRISM session in their weekly meetings, it is really up to you.

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