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Research frequently supports that in the workplace what most employees
want are relationships based on:

The PRISM Collaboration Toolkit™ enables people, teams and groups to achieve this and more. It provides a structured meeting format that has enormous benefits for group participants and their organisations including enhanced team and work collaboration and support. Groups come together and follow a series of 8 simple yet powerful protocols to provide guidance to each other. The protocols encourage good questioning and active listening along with the sharing of knowledge, wisdom and experiences. Groups can meet together physically or virtually to undertake a PRISM session.

Read this article from Harvard Business Review around the research that backs up the need for what PRISM delivers.

Benefits for an organisation:

Benefits for participants:



Three things you get when you buy a PRISM Collaboration Toolkit

The PRISM Toolkit Box Set

The box set contains the 8 PRISM protocols along with a guide to running a PRISM Session. Within the box are 24 hand sized laminated cards on a ring. This is all you need to participate in and run a PRISM Session. The PRISM Collaboration Toolkit™ is sent to you in the mail. The physical nature of the cards make a pleasant change from the screen.

The online Basic Training Course and certification

We recommend all PRISM users complete the Basic Training Certificate course. 6 hours of interactive online self-study on mobile, tablet and PC. The course covers managing questions and issues, the 8 protocols, guidance around running a session, creating a safe space, and the roles of participants. On successful completion of the online course a globally recognized certificate is issued.

12 month free Membership

Everyone who holds the PRISM Basic Training certificate is eligible for the members area. The first 12 months is complimentary. Members gain access to resources, articles and webinars around the theme of collaboration. There are online discussion forums for members to share questions, stories and ideas.

our product

PRISM Collaboration Tool

The PRISM Collaboration Toolkit™

Each toolkit includes a box set, online training, global certification and 12 month membership for one person. Buy one for each member of your team.


One Toolkit + training + certification = US$ 350

5 Toolkits + training + certification = US$ 1,550 (save $200)

10 Toolkits + training + certification= US$ 3,000 (save $500)

20 Toolkits + training + certification= US$ 5,800 (save $1,200)

Let us know the size of your organisation and who you would like to introduce PRISM to.


The PRISM Collaboration Toolkit™


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About PRISM Certification

Become part of a growing number of people trained in the use of the PRISM Collaboration Toolkit™ who are enjoying the benefits of better work collaboration. Certificates are issued in partnership with Accredible with credentials written to the Blockchain to be assured genuine and globally recognised. Add your PRISM Basic Training Certificate to your LinkedIn profile and let others know you are trained in the use of the PRISM Collaboration Toolkit™.