Privacy Policy

Wheelhouse Education and Learning Limited Privacy Policy

Wheelhouse Education and Learning Limited recognises the importance of safeguarding your personal information and is totally committed to protecting the privacy of its customers. This document explains our data privacy policies.

Why We Collect Your Information

While visiting the Wheelhouse Education and Learning Limited PRISM Collaboration Toolkit website, you may request information or want to purchase products or services that we offer. You may also wish to participate in contests or promotions that we run. When you do, you will need to provide us with certain personal information necessary to process your request.

What We Do With Your Information and Who Sees It

We store your information in a secure database and take every reasonable precaution to ensure that it cannot be accessed outside of Wheelhouse Education and Learning Limited . We use this information to:

  • Provide the products and services you request or purchase from us
  • Improve our products and services
  • Communicate with you about products and services that we think might be of interest to you

What You Agree To

By providing your information, you consent to the collection and use of your information by Wheelhouse Education and Learning Limited as described in this Privacy Policy.

What We Don’t Do With Your Information

We do not give, rent, or sell any information that we collect to any other company or individual.

Verifying and Changing Your Information

You may verify and change the information you have given us at any time by logging onto the site and changing your personal preferences.

Applicable Laws

The use of this site, any matters arising from the use of this site and all dealings with this site, shall be governed by, and construed, in accordance with the applicable laws of New Zealand.

Contacting Us

We always enjoy hearing from our customers and encourage you to contact us with your thoughts about our products and services. We particularly want to hear from you if you’ve experienced a problem or have a complaint. You can email us at and we will respond promptly; usually within 24 hours.