Terms Of Use

PRISM Collaboration Toolkit

The PRISM Collaboration Toolkit™ and associated training materials are restricted for use to those persons who are registered PRISM users and who have enrolled in the PRISM basic training certificate course and have been issued a username and password to download content from the PRISM Collaboration Toolkit website at http://www.prismtoolkit.com

Reproduction of the PRISM Collaboration Toolkit™ instruction manual for the training classroom must be in exactly the same format as the original media form used. (This means, though not exclusively, that no additions, adaptions, deletions, alterations nor derivatives can be made and that at all times the PRISM Collaboration Toolkit™ remains fully and clearly attributed to Wheelhouse Education and Learning Limited.)

The PRISM Collaboration Toolkit™ may not be stored or transmitted electronically through any other than Wheelhouse Education and Learning media without the prior written permission of Wheelhouse Education and Learning Limited.

The PRISM Collaboration Toolkit™ is copyright Wheelhouse Education and Learning Limited and all rights are reserved.


The PRISM Collaboration Toolkit™ is published by Wheelhouse Education and Learning Limited. Wheelhouse Education and Learning Limited gives limited permission to print the PRISM Collaboration Toolkit™ instruction manual for use with PRISM users under the following terms and conditions. Use of the PRISM Collaboration Toolkit™ is regarded as acceptance of these terms and conditions: 


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Membership Subscription Service :

We will supply the Services to you and you will pay the charges and use the Services in accordance with the Agreement

Commencement and Duration 
The agreement will take effect from the date of acceptance of service.

Either of us may terminate the Agreement in whole or part if the other is in breach of any material obligations under this Agreement. The first 12 months of Membership is free and there is no obligation to move to a paid service.

You agree to hold information obtained from Wheelhouse Education and Learning in confidence (this includes: passwords, lessons material, etc) and not disclose it to any third party nor to use it for any purpose other than in the performance of the agreement.