Solutions finding with others

Have constructive conversations with PRISM collaboration toolkit.

The toolkit is FREE. It provides real value and we want to share it widely. It can be used at work, in schools, even with family. It’s best in groups of 3-8 people.

Particularly useful in times of uncertainty.


Participants come together in small groups to find solutions using 8 simple protocols. The process promotes active listening and possibility thinking. It gives voice to everyone in the group. It can be run online and face to face.

PRISM has many uses, for example:

    • Brainstorming and problem solving within teams and other groups.
    • Peer supervision & action learning groups.
    • Aiding professionals in finding new ways to manage complexities and uncertainty.
    • Provide invaluable feedback in a very constructive way.
    • Peers learn to better develop and support each other.
    • Other features and benefits.

The PRISM Collaboration Toolkit has been developed by Wheelhouse Education from New Zealand and used for many years with clients in Health, Education, Government, NPO and Business. It is offered free of charge under a creative commons licence with tutorial and guidelines. We believe it adds real value and want to share widely.

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