Features and Benefits

Research frequently supports that in the workplace what most people want are relationships based on:

    • Mutual respect and understanding.
    • Being able to contribute in useful ways.
    • To be competent individuals and knowing they’re doing right.
    • Being affirmed and feeling empowered.
    • Having a sense of certainty and clarity.

PRISM is an approach and work practice that allows these types of positive employee experiences to develop and grow – regardless of where people are in the hierarchical structure.

Benefits for an organisation

    • Develops capability, individual personal responsibility and high performing teams.
    • Advances communication skills, including active listening, strategic questioning and healthy conflict resolution.
    • Harnesses tacit knowledge and surfaces solutions to unmet needs.
    • Fosters a culture of trust, collaboration and caring.
    • Develops valuable critical thinking and creative problem solving skills.

Read this article from Harvard Business Review around the research that supports the need for what PRISM delivers.

Benefits for an individual

    • The opportunity to learn from the experiences of others and gain feedback free of judgement or negation.
    • Feeling respected as a colleague, listened to really well and empowered.
    • Being comfortable with challenges and opened to new possibilities.
    • Finding solutions to problems and clarity in matters otherwise clouded.
    • Being clear about the next steps of action and pathway forward.
    • Renewed perspectives on what matters most and what the real problem is.

In addition to these gains, participants should also have the experience of:

    • Being respected as a colleague, and listened to really well.
    • Being comfortable with challenges, and opened to other possibilities.
    • Feeling energized, excited, positive and enthusiastic.
    • Being clear about what they got out of the session.

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