The PRISM Toolkit

There are eight colours in the PRISM Toolkit. We call these the 8 PRISM protocols. Each protocol guides a different collaborative dialogue. It does this through following a simple and effective group process.

Listed below are the 8 PRISM protocols.

Make sure you understand the toolkit and know how to run a PRISM session before using the protocols with your group.

RED : “What would others do in my situation?”

Aim: To take in the collective knowledge and experience of the group to reach an outcome. Sharing stories using “I” statements, listening deeply and refraining from giving direct advice.

ORANGE : “How can using values help?

Aim: To use organisational or personal values to assist in meeting new and powerful outcomes. Having others reflect back to you your strengths and new possibilities.

YELLOW : “How will understanding others help?”

Aim: To stand in the shoes of others and check differing perspectives to broaden one’s own view of the world and how to manage a situation.

GREEN : “What strengths can I use?”

Aim: To identify attributes and strengths which can be useful in making necessary changes. Having others reflect your strengths back to you.

BLUE : “Brainstorming solutions!”

Aim: To solve an issue by focusing on the solutions and how they will be achieved. Thereby creating a pathway of action for the Seeker.

INDIGO : “There’s so much going on, I need clarity!”

Aim: To assist the Seeker to get clarity and find solutions through de-cluttering thoughts, and then focus on solutions.

VIOLET : “What are my own thoughts on how I did?”

Aim: The Seeker uses a process of self-reflection when others are not available to assist. Use these questions for coaching, for learning and self-improvement.

PINK : “What else is available to me?”

Aim: To uncover new possibilities and opportunities. To invent and create the future.

Learn how to run a PRISM session

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